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Last Months Webinar, Remarketing and Display Ads….Did you miss it?

If you missed last month’s webinar on Remarketing and Display Ads here is the recording link so you can catch up any time.

Rather read? We also offer you a download for the executive summary of the webinar so you can always refer to it wherever you may be.

This month’s video – 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015


This video outlines 5 key digital marketing trends that every business owner and marketer should be aware of for successful marketing in the year to come.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

November Client Webinar – “Digital Marketing Trends for 2015”

2014 was a year of digital maturity. No industry, or individual, and definitely, no business, in any corner of the world remained untouched by digitalisation.  Words like social media, mobile apps, web analytics, etc. became part of everyone’s day to day language.

In the light of all that happened, there’s a lot that we have to look forward to in 2015. But to thrive in this climate requires a whole new approach. If you wish to navigate yourself successfully through this increasingly complex maze of digitization, and stay one step ahead of your competition, you’ll need to invest some time to arm yourself with some tips and tricks of the trade.

Be sure to attend WSI’s free webinar on “15 Ways to Adapt to the Digital Landscape of 2015″on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 4 PM (GMT) 

“15 ways to adapt to the Digital Landscape of 2015″

Tuesday November 25th @ 4 PM – 5:00 PM (BST)

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Don’t miss the webinar and mark up the time and date on your calendar!

Digital Marketing Summit November 17th


Digital Marketing in 2015 – and a reminder about or Digital Marketing Summit next week…

There are definitely some very key changes that have been occurring over the past year that are going to significantly effect how we need to go about digital marketing in order to be successful in future.  The digital marketing trends video here gives you a good insight into what these trends are so please have a quick look at it.  They are so significant that our team at WSI are currently revising the service offering for our clients next year.  The work we do for our clients and the way we report will have to change in line with these digital marketing trends so that we can continue to deliver on the marketing goals we are working towards with each of our clients.

Related to this is the Digital Marketing Summit we are holding in London in partnership with Microsoft/Bing, HubSpot and Hootesuite.  Its on the 19th November at Microsoft’s HQ in London.  I have a number of complimentary tickets if you would like to join me as my guest.  It will be a great opportunity to learn about what is the cutting edge of digital marketing and how you can apply it in your business.  Please click above or contact me if you would like to attend.

WSI 2014 Digital Marketing Summit in London

Your Invitation…The WSI 2014 Digital Summit in London

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to learn all about the cutting edge of digital marketing and how you can apply it in your business.  There is no charge to attend as my guest (normally £697).   I hope to see you there.  For full details of the event click here>>


Whether you own a start-up and are just launching your brand into the digital space, or you’re a CEO for a Fortune 100 company ready to discover the latest innovations in online marketing, the presenters at our Digital Marketing Summit are precisely who you need to meet. We like to think of them as fiercely enthusiastic, passionately devoted, industry altering, digital marketing fanatics.

The cost to attend this summit is £697 but if you have been invited as a VIP by one of WSI’s UK Consultants then you’ll be able to attend as our guest. On registration we also ask you for your mobile number (this is optional) however be assured it will not be shared with any 3rd parties and but will be used to text you a reminders and directions to event on the day as past attendees have found this service valuable.

How remarketing can work for your business

This month’s video – How remarketing can work for your business

What is Remarketing and how can it benefit your business?  All is explained in the video

Remarketing and Big Commerce


WSI teams up with Big Commerce – and a bit about Re-marketing…

Here we all are with our Big Commerce glasses on in recognition of a new partnership formed with leading E Commerce platform supplier Big Commerce.  Over recent years we have created a handful of sites on the Big Commerce platform and have been very pleased with the features and functionality and the speed of integration. In some cases Big Commerce offers a great solution for lower up front development costs but is still able to offer good flexibility and the ability to integrate with other applications and back end systems thanks to their open platform philosophy.  We are not tied to any one solution, we work with three main platforms, and will always build on the platform that best suits our clients short and longer term requirements – but we are pleased to say that we really rate Big Commerce and look forward to working with them to develop more E Commerce solutions for our clients.

Now, Remarketing, whats that all about?  Well its the theme for this month and quite appropriate because at our eldest lad’s 30th birthday party last weekend I did lose a lot of brain cells.  I am sure there a many things I can no longer remember following that weekend.  Remarketing reduces the chances of a visitor forgetting you and hopefully increases the chances of them coming back to your website for a second or third time.  Remarketing enables you to present your business or brand to a person who has been to your website….on other websites they visit subsequently.  Statistics show that there is a massive increase in the conversion rates of visitors who have had repeated visits to your website.  Well, that’s logical really, but we have to think about what prompts those important subsequent visits.  It could be some quality content you have created and posted, could be a special offer you have emailed out, could be a referal from another website…or it could be a click from a Remarketing campaign – either way the more subsequent visits, the more chance you have of generating a sale.

To learn more about remarketing there is a plethora of information below – if you have any queries please do contact Tom (the good looking one in the picture above) or myself.