Case Study Powerstar

Electrical Engineering
  • Powerstar supply mostly B2B Voltage Optimisation Systems
  • WSI client for nearly 10 years
  • Rapidly expanding multinational organisation with a global network of offices and distributors
  • Services we provide include, web site design and build, search marketing, digital marketing consultancy. Support for a network of websites covering various elements of the group
  • WSI and the Powerstar team are laser focused on increasing the number of conversions (instances where a visitor takes an action that we want them to take) the website delivers every day


Key Elements of the Project:


Digital Marketing Strategy

A clear Digital Marketing Strategy sets the parameters and context for the Digital Marketing Activity we engage in over the short to medium term which could be anything from building new websites to increasing social media activity.WSI work closely with Powerstar to develop and evolve its Digital Marketing Strategy.


The efficient use of resource to achieve effective delivery of sales, marketing and other business objectives over time.

Responsive Website

Powerstar were quick to recognise the importance of providing premium user experience no matter what device. We designed and coded the website so that it will render properly on all major browsers and devices.


Increased website traffic and conversions.

Multi National Functionality

Powerstar are going Global! Their internet presence is planned with that in mind. The website delivers country specific content based in the user IP address or country selected. There is a combination of pre-translated pages and the option for the user to use the Google translation of page content where pre translated versions do not exist.


Consistent communication and branding across different countries, offices and distributors. Increased website traffic and conversions.

A/B Testing

The Powerstar website has the ability to display different versions of content, page layouts and/or devices. We measure the effectiveness of each option over a period of time and then deploy the most effective version.


Improved user experience. The website becomes more efficient at communicating with the user. Conversions increase!

User Testing

When we develop a new website with the Powerstar team we performed extensive user testing to make sure what we think is clear, easy to use and understand, actually is. We are yet to perform a user testing session that has not resulted in a comprehensive list of tweaks and changes to make the website even.


The website becomes more efficient at communicating with the user. Conversions increase!

Webinars and Online Learning

WSI have worked with the Powerstar team to implement a programme of Global webinars to present to groups of potential customers as well as brief and train distributors. We have also implemented an Elearning system for the formal training of distributors.


Reduce selling and staff development costs.

LinkedIn Training

A series of Social Selling training sessions brings the marketing and sales team up to speed on how the internet and social media in particular can aid the selling process. Identifying new potential prospects and developing relationships with existing prospects are key outcomes of the training sessions.


Increased Turnover.

Working together and reporting

Monthly planning meetings determine the activity plan each month to deliver the digital marketing strategy. WSI have developed a web based portal which is used to make sure WSI and the Powerstar team are up to speed on the work that is being done on both sides to achieve the monthly objectives. The online portal also provides comprehensive reporting on the performance the all of the Global network of websites within the Powerstar/EMS group.


By working closely together and measuring our performance regularly enables is to navigate towards the successful delivery of our Strategic Digital Marketing objectives which in turn delivers growth and success for Powerstar.


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“Having a web site without a search marketing plan is like opening a coffee shop on the moon.”

Richard Wagstaff
WSI Managing Director