Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is all about developing a relationship with potential customers, in digital terms, a very close and real relationship such that when the customer is ready for your product or service, they will choose your company.  An effective Inbound Marketing campaign requires an in depth understanding of the needs and issues faced by your customer personas and a content marketing strategy that effectively addresses those needs to the point that the individual see’s your brand as the obvious choice as they move through the buying cycle.   It is important to establish your brand’s reputation at key points in your customer’s buying cycle, by providing the right content paired with the right channels (like email marketing, blog content, special offers, etc). Creating relevant content that your prospects search for, will help you to inform consumers, establish your company as a credible resource, find new customers, and set your brand apart from the competition. A solid inbound marketing strategy will become the foundation of your Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Improve Customer Engagement with Inbound Marketing
Related to our previous video on marketing automation - Inbound Marketing is all about helping your target market with whatever it is that matters to them in order to develop a relationship whereby, at some stage in the future, they may have a need for your products and services and choose your company to supply. It can be applied in B2B and B2C situations. Inbound marketing and marketing automation can often go hand in hand because the process of 'giving' to all your potential customers would be highly resourcec intensive if performed [read more]

At its core, digital marketing has a simple goal: get more customers. The whole marketing process can be boiled down to three steps. Step one is to attract and interest people in your products and services. Step two is to turn interested people into customers by making sales. And step three is to to retain existing customers by keeping them happy. If you're lucky, the mythical step four occurs when extremely satisfied customers refer their friends and family (you should do the happy dance if and when this starts to [read more]

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